Austin Vegan Ice Cream Tour Part Fourish: NadaMoo

Long time, no see. Isn't it weird how I always do that? Where did I leave off? I know when I left was September. Now, here I am five months later blogging about vegan ice cream in the midst of winter. (I just want to emphasize to all my future employers that I do, in fact, … Continue reading Austin Vegan Ice Cream Tour Part Fourish: NadaMoo


5 Ways I Try To Reduce Stress

OK, let's sing together: **It's the most stressful time of the year** With finals coming up in addition to the emotional and mental baggage of everyday life, I'm pulling my hair out. I'm chugging coffee to stay awake, I'm wearing second day makeup to save time (don't judge me, I didn't have the time to … Continue reading 5 Ways I Try To Reduce Stress

Looking Back

*Please forgive me because it has been SO LONG (so long) since I have written.* If you didn't already know, I'm obsessed with my passion planner. It is this wonderful agenda that has everything you could possibly need, want or imagine, so you should purchase your own at I can't have them go out … Continue reading Looking Back

Sun Day

So today is the Summer Solstice, and guess what I'm doing? Not what I want to be doing!! (as per usual) Silly me. I feel bad because it seems as though every other post is about how I had a plan and did not follow through. Even though I feel bad, I'm still going to … Continue reading Sun Day