A Mental Picture Portrait

“What are you thinking about?”

“I don’t know. Nothing really.”

But I was lying. I’m not stupid; I know exactly what I’m thinking about.

I’m thinking about how I was just zoning out a few seconds earlier and re-imagining the entire scenario in my head. For a few short moments, the grass we were standing on became concrete, and the sky was closed out by the walls of an abandoned building. Then the park bench we were sitting on turned into multiple pews. Out of nowhere, we were surrounded by people, specifically the people I had seen in church yesterday. There was a couple in front of me holding a sleeping kid, and there was a dad and his two daughters sitting in the pew behind us. Then for some reason you disappeared, and the mysterious, abandoned pews gave me so many splinters that the man in front of me became bug-eyed. His eyes actually turned into abnormally large eyes that could’ve belonged to a bug from Jumanji except they couldn’t have because the eyes had pupils and irises and human bewilderment.

Of course the kid that was in his lap started crying cartoon tears afterward. Who wouldn’t? Then again, I didn’t in the situation because I was now staring at my cartoon splintered hands. The splinters were cartoons, not my hands. My hands were still mine; I guess that’s a good sign. Unfortunately, one of the little girls behind me transformed into a tiny monkey with a huge temper. While beating her sister to the rhythm of “We Are Young” by Fun, I proceeded to teleport to the only corner in the round room. Once there, I started vomiting, but it was only cartoon vomit so I didn’t really feel it. What I did feel was the screaming in my mind (the mind of my zoned out self, not my actual self…or maybe it was… I couldn’t tell) as fireworks shot out from my fingertips. During the time that I was vomiting in the corner, I came to the conclusion that the fireworks were red, since after all they were protruding from the inside of my human body, a mostly red object because of muscle tissue and blood.

All of a sudden, the walls started shaking with debris as a booming voice pounded from the unknown outside, so I took it as a sign to snap back into reality.

“Sorry, what did you say?”

“Oh I was asking if you wanted to get out of here and go someplace else.”

“Sure. Let’s do that.”


**DISCLAIMER: This story is entirely fictional.**