I’m Not Waiting For Thanksgiving

I believe that people should be grateful for everything that they are given in life. To me, it is pointless not to appreciate what you can’t change. There are so many rewards that complement a positive mindset, so why would you choose to think negatively? There is always a silver lining even in the darkest of times. There is always something to learn.

In light of the subject, I want to say thank you for all the things that have not only made my life better but have also changed me as a person. I would not be who I am today without the struggles and successes I have been through.

I am thankful for…

  1. God
  2. my family (both biological and chosen)
  3. my friends
  4. my dog
  5. growing up in Louisiana
  6. moving to Texas
  7. not getting a phone until 8th grade
  8. learning to ride a bike
  9. the dance lessons I took as a kid
  10. 80’s music
  11. my teachers
  12. my neighbors
  13. my ability to play and enjoy music
  14. writing
  15. sleep
  16. dreams
  17. movies
  18. my new laptop (which I got today!!!!)
  19. drill team
  20. orchestra
  21. newspaper
  22. my ability to read and my opportunity to read amazing books
  23. Harry Potter
  24. Disney
  25. my travels
  26. food
  27. Netflix
  28. Skype
  29. my curly hair (even though I used to absolutely hate it)
  30. social media and the wonders of modern communication
  31. baking and cooking
  32. Target
  33. my diverse heritage
  34. Mardi Gras
  35. being 5′ 5”
  36. my school
  37. my car
  38. my ability to drive
  39. my past injuries
  40. my failures
  41. my imperfections
  42. the beach
  43. Christmas, Easter, and all of my other favorite holidays
  44. my weird laugh
  45. funny parodies
  46. dogs and other cute animals (ex: pugs)
  47. post cards
  48. art museums
  49. science museums and planetariums
  50. ice skating
  51. roller skating
  52. fall weather
  53. swimming lessons
  54. sucking at being on a swim team
  55. themed 5ks
  56. t-shirts
  57. swings at the park
  58. coffee and tea and milkshakes and water
  59. onesie pajamas
  60. memes
  61. superheroes
  62. comic books
  63. board games
  64. stargazing
  65. sunrises
  66. sunsets
  67. flowers that don’t make me sneeze
  68. musicals
  69. all the plays I’ve gotten to see
  70. all the concerts I’ve been to
  71. sweaters and hoodies
  72. fuzzy socks
  73. naps
  74. rainy days
  75. road trips
  76. snow
  77. all the years I got to play soccer
  78. air conditioning
  79. my ability to speak two languages
  80. college applications being online, so I don’t have to write it all by hand
  81. controversy, because it has made me more open minded
  82. having to share a room with my sister
  83. dress up days at school
  84. having glasses that I don’t mind wearing
  85. having had glasses that I didn’t like because they make my glasses now seem so much better in comparison
  86. the bad haircuts I used to get
  87. my amazing hairdresser who does my hair and never messes up
  88. picnics
  89. water balloon fights
  90. snowball fights
  91. home videos
  92. water parks
  93. all the times I accidentally stutter or yell gibberish
  94. painting
  95. traditions
  96. all the movie tickets I remembered to keep
  97. scrapbooks
  98. the fact that I’m not colorblind
  99. never having fallen onstage
  100. my memories

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