To the lady that sells pictures on the corner

To the lady that sells pictures on the corner:

Do not lose hope. I know that it may grow tiresome to hear the passersby complain over your more than fair prices. It must not be easy to hear “Why would I pay a dollar for that old hag to take our pictures when I can take one myself with my camera?” -the words that speak from the sideways glances.

They know not what you’re selling.

You are no more than the man who draws portraits on the people sitting at the café. When he delivers to strangers his interpretation of them on a piece of paper, they are taken aback. “What art!” they exclaim. “What beauty! What vision!”

Do these people not see that there are multiple canvases in this world? Nowadays people would rather find fascination in painted glasses than a photograph. “Photographs are for memories,” they say.


Photographs are for vision.