On the job…

Today, I wrote for my first, real-world publication, and it was entirely exhilarating.

After working on my high school publication, The Wildcat Tales, our school’s publication department got a phone call from The Lone Star Gridiron, a local high school football publication. So, my adviser pulls me into her office and hands me the phone.

But you, my fellow reader, do not know that I am not an avid sports writer. I’m more of a news/feature writer who wishes she could write a splendid A&E review. I’ve only written one or two sports story in addition to an accidental sports feature. (That’s an entirely different story.)

Yet for some reason, that didn’t keep me from fully accepting a story assignment at around 11:30 a.m. that I would need done by that evening. It was a real assignment in the midst of a school day. I was going to live a taste of the life I want in the future. Of course I said yes. I was only thinking about how exciting it would be.

So from there, I frantically dropped everything to grab a camera and track down people wearing purple shirts. I thought it’d be easy to spot the people wearing the domestic violence awareness shirts, but I was mistaken. I could’ve sworn that I saw at least fifty-thousand purple shirts before the phone call, but when I went to look they had all mysteriously disappeared.

Because of this, by the time I found someone, I immediately started chasing them instead of continuing my way to class. Then by the time I got to class, I left to conduct an interview. It felt as though I was all over the place. IT WAS AMAZING. I hate roller coasters, but I imagine that the feeling is the same. It was thrilling to track down and meet people and feel the heat of a true deadline. I don’t think I ever type faster than when I know time is running out.

I can’t wait to learn more and write more and edit more. I can’t wait to grow in my craft. I just thought I would share that sentiment for any aspiring journalists out there or for anyone pursuing something that they are dogged on for. Just because the field can be difficult to be successful in or it doesn’t make a six figure salary doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for it. If that’s what you really want, if that’s what thrills you and challenges you, go for it. Reach for it. Work for it. I believe in you, if that counts for anything.

(If you are interested in reading my story, you can find it at http://lonestargridiron.com/ at 7 a.m. tomorrow.)


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