Who, what, when, where, why, how. Those are the important questions, as I’ve been told. But it is only who as in who did what, and it is only when as in when did who do whatWhere did who do what on that when? Why did who do what on that when where who did what and how did who do it?

It makes my mind stumble and pause. For one, it’s a tongue twister for w’s. Secondly, it’s redundant. It is useful only to a point.

Say that I were a scientist. These questions should satisfy my experiments and curiosity of how the world works. But only scientifically.

However, you can’t say that I’m a scientist because I’m not. Rather than build understanding of machines, plants or animals, I want to build understanding of people. And people are crazy. They do not conform to a standard. They have minds of their own, dreams, emotions, feelings, family medical histories, relationships, fashion styles, favorite movies, religions, personalities, jobs, and so forth. Six formulated questions may be able to tell a story, yet they cannot tell you who a human being is, someone composed of trillions of cells and millions of moments.

To find out who they are, there are an infinite amount of questions to be asked and answered. Who do you look up to? What is your favorite place and why? When did you realize that you were suddenly an adult? Where do you see yourself in the future? Why do you prefer Star Wars over Star Trek? How do you feel today? 





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