A Post-whirlwind Reflection

This past week has been kind of crazy. Over the past several days my workload has been tremendously high, leaving my emotions to ride a roller-coaster and my body to run on fumes. Yet in the midst of all the madness, there were moments that distracted me from all the stress, like God had given … Continue reading A Post-whirlwind Reflection


I met Doug on the bus

In the midst of traveling back to campus from conducting an interview in Downtown Austin, I had a pleasant conversation with Doug on the bus. It all started because he thought that my camera bag was a miniature computer. After explaining to him that it was simply a DSLR camera for my video project, we … Continue reading I met Doug on the bus

The Rubber Band Theory Part II

Read "The Rubber Band Theory Part I" here: https://sabrinakaye.wordpress.com/2016/08/18/the-rubber-band-theory-part-i/ Stan used to tell me his rubber band theory. He believed that everyone had a lifeline made of a rubber band. Some people had strong ones that stretched forever without snapping while others had rubber bands hanging on by a thread. Some people get tied together, and … Continue reading The Rubber Band Theory Part II

A Snow Day?

Today was supposed to be the first day of my second semester in college, but I'm not complaining. The university was closed due to imminent weather reports of sleet and possibly snow...but right now it's just cold drizzle. Consequently, I thought I'd take my day off to get in the mindset of the several months … Continue reading A Snow Day?