Along for a ride

As of late I have been paralyzed by my sheer laziness, and I am finally beginning to feel and understand the repercussions of my inaction. In my first semester of college, I was strapped down into a roller coaster I didn't know existed. Even had I known it could have been a possibility, there is … Continue reading Along for a ride


Unquotable Me No.2

I'm thinking about making this a weekly post- to share quotes or verses that speak to me. There have been countless times where someone has shared a quote on social media and it changed my mood or perspective in the moment. If it can brighten my day, I can only hope that sharing these words … Continue reading Unquotable Me No.2

Questions for answers that don’t exist/ Answers for questions unasked

  +++ “What? What do you want me to do?” The mother shook the baby. She had been crying for the past ten minutes with no sign of letting the tears stop their sliding down her smooth cheeks. Her nose was running, but all the tissues had been used up by her mother the night … Continue reading Questions for answers that don’t exist/ Answers for questions unasked

On the job…

Today, I wrote for my first, real-world publication, and it was entirely exhilarating. After working on my high school publication, The Wildcat Tales, our school's publication department got a phone call from The Lone Star Gridiron, a local high school football publication. So, my adviser pulls me into her office and hands me the phone. But you, … Continue reading On the job…